If I could be doing anything right now I would be traveling the world. I have always wanted to travel the world it would just be an amazing experience. I have always been the type of person who loves experimenting new things. I am very open minded! However, I would go to France, Italy, Japan, and any other beautiful place. I think it would be an incredible experience. I would also make many great memories while traveling the world. I would get to see new people, new cultures, and taste new food. There would be nothing that could possibly go wrong. Who wouldn’t want to experience traveling all over the world? Going to a new country is always terrifying but it also helps you get out of your comfort zone, and out into what other cultures are all about! As I mentioned before, it would be very amazing; and that is what I would do if I could be doing anything right now.  There may also be many surprises as I’m traveling. Maybe I meet another amazing individual. Or I may really like a place and want to live there, it really can lead anywhere. It just depends how it goes in every place I travel to. I could also see very beautiful sites of nature. I personally love the ocean so much; it has a sense of beauty that is unexplainable. The water is infinite; it travels with no ending. That is the way I feel inside, I feel as if anything I love with passion has no ending.


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